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[Users] NERSC Cori Scratch File System Purging to Resume on Tuesday, November 24

Author: Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
Date: 2020-11-18 16:01:09

Dear NERSC Users, During the period of unstable scratch performance that began in late September, NERSC temporarily suspended the purging of the Cori scratch file system (CSCRATCH) to help preserve the state of user files while the metadata was being rebuilt. Now that the file system issue has been debugged and corrected, we will resume the purging of files whose last access time was over twelve weeks ago, beginning this coming Tuesday, November 24. For more information about the purge policy, please see . File system purging is a tool that we use to clean up unwanted files and improve the performance of the file system. The performance of a file system decreases as it becomes very full. The file system is currently over 80% full and its performance will begin to deteriorate if no action is taken. *Please remember that this process benefits everyone by keeping a performant scratch file system available to users, and do not try to circumvent the purge process.* If you need assistance migrating your files from CSCRATCH to another location, NERSC consultants are available to help you via a ticket. Quota increases on HPSS and the Community File System (CFS) are also available should you need more space on non-purged storage resources. Thanks for your understanding as we maintain the quality of the scratch file system through regular purges. Regards, -Rebecca -- Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Ph.D User Engagement Group Leader National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center | Berkeley Lab | phone: (510) 486-4810 fax: (510) 486-6459 Pronouns: she/her/hers _______________________________________________ Users mailing list

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