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[Users] Upgrade to Spin Now Permits Support of Large-Memory Services (Science Gateways, Databases, etc.)

Author: Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
Date: 2020-11-13 13:21:08

Dear NERSC Users, I'm delighted to announce that our Spin service has received a significant upgrade. Spin is a container-based platform at NERSC <> designed for users to build and deploy science gateways, workflow managers, and other persistent network services to support their scientific projects. This fall, Spin was upgraded with a new cluster of large-memory nodes to support a broader range of services, including those with memory footprints as large as 1 or 2 TB, such as - epidemiological models used to study the SARS-CoV-2 virus - large in-memory databases - memory-intensive web applications Though Spin is intended for persistent services rather than HPC workloads, the large-memory nodes in the new cluster are also well-equipped to satisfy bursts of computing and I/O demand from services, with 64 AMD EPYC cores each, SSD-based local storage, and SSD-cached attached storage. If you're interested in using these resources, please contact NERSC <> with more details about your project. Regards, -Rebecca -- Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Ph.D User Engagement Group Leader National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center | Berkeley Lab | phone: (510) 486-4810 fax: (510) 486-6459 Pronouns: she/her/hers _______________________________________________ Users mailing list

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