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[Users] NUG Monthly meeting starting soon (11am PT)

Author: Stephen Leak <>
Date: 2020-10-15 10:21:22

Hi NERSC Users, Our NUG Monthly Meeting will start in just over 30 minutes, at and continuing the conversation in the #webinars channel of the NERSC Users Slack ( /nersc-users-slack/) Our aim for these meetings is for a forum where NERSC and its users can celebrate successes, discuss difficulties and learn from each other. We'll follow the structure described below; please come along and join the discussion! - *Win-of-the-month:* open discussion for attendees to tell of some success you've had - e.g., getting a paper accepted, solving a problem, or achieving something innovative or high impact using NERSC. - *Today-I-learned:* open discussion for attendees to point out something that surprised them, or that might be valuable to other users to know. - *Announcements and CFPs:* upcoming conferences, workshops, or other events. - *Topic-of-the-day:* This month we'll talk about *"The cscratch1 crash"*. We're still investigating the root cause, so a deeper analysis will be a topic for a future meeting. But we can discuss what we know so far, tips for working around impacts you experience as a result, and how we debug this kind of issue. We'll give an overview of the crash, the conditions that we think triggered it and the impacts users might be seeing. We'll also have some Q&A with NERSC's Doug Jacobsen (Computational Systems Group), and Lisa Gerhardt and Alberto Chiusole (Data and Analytics Services) - *Coming up:* Nominations and requests for future topics - *Last month's numbers:* NERSC center metrics and info for the most recent month For more details and extra connection and agenda information, please see We look forward to seeing you there! Steve -- Steve Leak NERSC User Engagement _______________________________________________ Users mailing list

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